The Give & Grow™ Program

For every packet you purchase we donate one to a charity in need.

seed donation programThe Give & Grow™ program was created as a way for us to better organize and drive our donation efforts in the world. Each year we receive hundreds of requests for packet donations throughout the country. These requests are usually from great people who donate hundreds of hours of their time to local communities and we'd love to help. In order to drive donations further we've created our new Packet for Packet donation program for 2014.

Last year we donated over 10,000 packets. We'd like to see that eclipse 100,000 packets in 2015. To join the list of eligible places of donation, simply fill out the form to the right and a representative will reach out when it nears the end of the 2015 growing season. 

Please note, our Give & Grow program does not donate to basket raffles or auctions of any type.

Request a Donation

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How it works.

When you purchase a packet on our website, we set aside a packet to donate at the end of the growing season. One packet donated, for every packet you purchase. In August of 2015 we will publish our first giving report showing all the places we have donated seed, along with a few select feel good stories.

Who we donate to...

Interested in donations of more than 30,000 packets a year?

We'd love to talk to you- but that's a lot of packets! Please contact our marketing department at 800 836 0430 ext 19.