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    Custom Seed Packets By Category

    Custom Wedding Seed Packets

    Whether for a wedding shower or the main event, celebrate the joining of two lives together with beautiful,
    4-color seed packets wedding favors displaying a unique message for family and friends.

    Custom Baby Shower Seed Packets

    What better way to celebrate the impending arrival of a new life than with seeds?
    Seed packet baby shower favors are a wonderful and symbolic way to commemorate the birth of a child.

    Custom Memorial Seed Packets

    Memorial seed packet favors are a thoughtful way to honor a loved one’s life and commemorate their passing. 

    Custom Realtor Seed Packets

    Rather than a business card, postcard or glossy brochure, why not promote yourself using our unique, mailable seed packets for realtors?
    After all, buying a new home is like growing a new plant from seed: they both involve putting down roots.

    Custom Help the Environment Seed Packets

    Seeds are the essence of all living things. Pay tribute to the environment by sharing non-GMO,
    open pollinated seeds from regional American farms with an important, relevant message.