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    Special Occasion Seed Packets - Ready to Ship!

    Make an impression with our eye-catching seed packet favors for special occasions, featuring original designs in vibrant colors. Seed packets are a great way to commemorate a special event such as a wedding, baby shower funeral, birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day, and more! These gifts are also a really effective means for promoting your business or brand. Choose among hundreds of unique and exclusive special occasion favor designs for your seed packets—in stock and available for immediate shipping. Use the space provided on the back of the packet to write your own personalized message, or even place a label sticker with your preprinted logo and contact info on it!

    Give back to nature with our pollinator and environmental packets! Many of our flower seed mixes are attractants for bees and butterflies. 

    Thank You

    We have Thank You packets for many occasions including general Thank You's, Thank You's for Small Businesses, Wedding, and Real Estate Thank You packets.


    Our Love Seed packets make great "Love" party favors, greeting cards, and more! Share the love for any occasion. Used for weddings, baby showers, parties, or just because gifts! 

    Seasonal / Holiday

    We have packets with seeds to celebrate Holidays like the Fourth of July, Mother's Day, Earth Day, as well as Christmas packets that can even be used as gift tags!

    Whether for a wedding shower or the main event, celebrate the joining of two lives together with beautiful, 4-color seed packets wedding favors displaying a unique, message for family and friends.

    Make a birthday extra special with our unique and exclusive Happy Birthday favor packets. So great to have on hand for favors at a birthday bash or to slip into a celebratory card as a little something extra. 


    We have packets with seeds to celebrate Holidays like the Fourth of July, Mother's Day, Earth Day, as well as Christmas packets that can even be used as gift tags!

    Earth Day

    Celebrate Earth Day Everyday in schools, at special events, parties, or other gatherings. What better way to support the environment? Our packets feature sunflowers and wildflowers for pollinators! 

    Celebrate the holidays, the change of seasons, or just about anything else you can think of with seed packet gifts to give out to family and friends.

    Our special Bentley Seed Co. branded Grow Good Things collection features fun and whimsical seed packets that are perfect for gifts or festive occasions!

    Rather than a business card, postcard or glossy brochure, why not promote yourself using our custom-printed, mailable seed packets for realtors? After all, buying a new home is like growing a new plant from seed: they both involve putting down roots.

    Seeds are the essence of all living things. Pay tribute to the environment by sharing non-GMO, open pollinated seeds from regional American farms with an important, relevant message.
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    You can also have your own custom packets created by Bentley!

    Create memorable, customized seed favors to mark your special occasion—baby shower, wedding, bridal shower—or to promote a business or other special event. Your family, friends, colleagues and clients will be pleased to receive such an original, thoughtful gift.

    You can choose from our popular ready-to-ship design collection or submit your own design with dozens of seed options. 

    If you’re interested in large order quantities or other customization options, please contact us here.

    Custom seed packet orders normally take 3-4 weeks to process, plus shipping time.


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