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    Custom Seed Packets for Memorials and Funerals


    Honor a Loved One with Custom Memorial Seed Packets

    Bentley Seeds' custom memorial seed packet funeral favors are a thoughtful way to honor a loved one’s life and commemorate their passing.

    Personalized Messages and Designs

    Include a personalized message, poem, quote, or bible verse to remember someone special. These custom memorial seed packets are also perfect for condolence cards and funeral favors.

    Beautiful and Thoughtful Templates

    Design your own personalized wildflower seed packets using one of our beautiful 4-color templates. Choose the quantity that suits your needs—the more you order, the more you save.

    Easy Ordering and Turnaround

    Please allow a 3-week turnaround on custom packet orders to ensure they are crafted with care and precision.

    Create meaningful and lasting tributes with our custom memorial seed packets. Order now to honor your loved ones in a beautiful way.


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