Field Notes

Custom Packets Crush it in Direct Mail Promo

Sell with Brian Case Study Direct Mail Promo

Interested in reaching out to your target audience with promotional material that they will actually enjoy? We recently helped one company make $60,000 with a custom seed packet, direct mail promotion...

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Why Should You Garden: Part One

Money does not grow on trees, but you can definitely save money by planting a garden. We wanted to find out just how much of a yield (on average) we could get from one of our seed packets. Then compare it...

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How to Design a Seed Packet

Are you interested in a custom seed packet? Do you have the chutzpah to design your own?  Here is a semi-involved, hopes to answer your questions tutorial on how to design a seed packet.

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Introducing Slotted Cards for Packets

Looking for an eco-friendly way to send a hand-written sentiment? Go no further! Now introducing our Seed Packet Greeting cards! Turn any seed packet of your choosing into a personalized...

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Printables: Garden Seed Packet

Free printable seed packet

What’s more fun then giving the gift of seeds. Well…I can think of a few things, but I do really like giving seeds to my friends and loved ones. With this printable seed template you can rock the D.I.Y. gift giving this year. 

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