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    Cold Weather Crop Seed Packets

    Cold Weather Crops vegetables that can be grown in the colder temperatures when there is a chance of frost, late summer through fall or early in the spring.

    These quick-growing, short-season crops reach maturity quickly in 3-6 weeks such as radishes, turnips, peas, arugula or mustard greens that tolerate long cool nights and short days. They also include vegetables that reach maturity before the cold sets in and that can survive well when a deep freeze sets in and include root vegetables, cabbages, carrots, winter lettuces, kale and spinach. 

    Your cold hardy vegetables need to be planted early enough so they have enough time to mature and can be harvested before the heat causes them to bolt and go to seed. You can start most cool season crops 4 to 6 weeks before your last frost date in the spring. Cold weather vegetables can also be planted again in late summer for a nice fall harvest or for more cold hardy vegetables you can harvest through the winter. 

    Shop the full collection below. Learn more about growing cold weather crops from Gary at the Rusted Garden.


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