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    With every packet you buy, we donate one to a cause in need.

    The Give & Grow program was created to make gardening accessible to anyone, regardless of age, income, or ability level. 

    How it works.

    You've seen one for one programs before, ours is different. We use a traditional distribution model of Manufacturer, Dealer, and Consumer to make its impact even more wide spread than a direct sale model could accomplish. 

    There are 5 simple steps to the model.

    1. The Purchase: When a someone purchases a packet (either in a display or individually), we make the equivalent amount of seed available for donation.
    2. Partner Outreach: It's important to us to waste as little seed as possible by keeping a pulse on the needs of our donation partners and aligning our donation stock with those needs.
    3. In Store Purchases: With our reliance on dealers as a part of our distribution model, this program is only as sustainable as the support our customers give our dealers. Get out there and buy packets from a dealer in your area!
    4. Donation Distribution: Our donations are distributed directly to our partners with a transparency report posted to our blog quarterly.
    5. Share the Love:  Have a packet of Bentley Seeds? Share a photo of your growth with the hashtag #giveandgrow and we'll donate another packet. 

    Our Partners

    • Located in the United States, and are registered non for profits.
    • Host "Learn to Garden" classes for all ages and ability levels.
    • Teach youth that a little bit of discipline and hard work can pay off with health, happiness, and even financial stability. 
    • Help serve low income neighborhoods with fresh food distribution and education about the importance of nutrition.
    • Need a lot of good quality seeds!
    • Never sell our packets for any reason. 

    For a full list of currently approved partners visit bentleyseeds.com/partners. (link coming soon)


    Our Seed Quality

    • All of our seeds are 100% Non GMO and above federal germination standards, including the stock used for donations.
    • We do not reduce the fill rates of our packets to free up stock for our donation program. We simply buy more seed.
    • Our donations take place in spring, providing our donation partners with fresh seed before the growing season each year.

    How to Receive a Donation

    It's possible to become a pre-approved Give & Grow partner in two ways, both of which require 501C3 Tax Exempt Status.

    1. Submit This Form:​Do you run a program that sounds like we might be interested in donating to? Are you an influencer looking to help spread our message? Just a poor college kid looking to help our social programs? We'd love to chat. Fill out this form to start the conversation.
    2. Become Nominated by a Dealer: When nominated by a dealer, that dealer has the added benefit of having your name added to the header of the display in their store, and the option to have all, or a portion of their donation to be directly committed to your cause. If you know someone who runs a store, this is the best way to ensure you get a donation.

    Please keep in mind, we receive a TON of requests and cannot donate to all of them. We also have a no exception policy of not donating to any basket raffles, and give preference to organizations that manage large garden networks with more than 10 gardens

    All potential partners will be contacted by Bentley Seeds and verified before inclusion in the program. We reserve the right to approve or deny an application at our own discretion.



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