Whether for a wedding shower or the main event, celebrate the joining of two lives together with beautiful, 4-color seed packets wedding favors displaying a unique, personalized message for family and friends.


What better way to celebrate the impending arrival of a new life than with seeds? Custom seed packet baby shower favors are a wonderfully-symbolic way to commemorate the birth of a child.


Rather than a business card, postcard or glossy brochure, why not promote yourself using our custom-printed, mailable seed packets for realtors? After all, buying a new home is like growing a new plant from seed: they both involve putting down roots.


Seeds are the essence of all living things. Pay tribute to the environment by sharing non-GMO, open pollinated seeds from regional American farms with an important, relevant message.


Celebrate the holidays, the change of seasons, or just about anything else you can think of by creating customized seed packet gifts to give out to family and friends.