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    Field Notes

    Homemade Natural Bug Repellents to keep Mosquitoes and other Creepy Crawlies at Bay - Part Three of a Series

    Homemade Natural Bug Repellants: (Part Three in the Series: How to Deal with Garden Pests Naturally)

    In our last post, Natural Bug Repellents, we discussed the benefits and How To’s of making your own “natural” sprays to stop insect pests from attacking your garden plants—using other plants you’ve grown from seed. In this installment (third in the series), we discuss homegrown solutions for discouraging insect pests from entering your yard, in the first place, as well as keeping them off your skin. Some people swear by essential oils, made from plants like peppermint, for example, a topic we touched on in the last post, but there are some other plant-based repellents you can grow and use to good effect as well.

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    How to Deal with Garden Pests Naturally: Growing and Making your own Bug Repellents - Part Two of a Series

    How to deal with Garden Pests Naturally - Part Two

    In our first post in this series, we outlined various ways to get rid of garden insect pests without resorting to commercial chemical pesticides which can create more problems than they solve. One alternative we touched on previously is to make your own (DIY) garden bug repellents using herb and vegetable plants you’ve grown from seed. While not a panacea for your garden woes, they can provide some measure of relief—both in the garden and elsewhere.

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    How to Deal with Garden Pests Naturally - Part One of a Series

    How to deal with Pests Naturally

    Do you hate bugs? You’re not alone. Most of us recall feeling similarly before we started working the earth; our outlook changed after learning, firsthand, how beneficial insects can be to our gardening efforts. For example, lady bugs, ground beetles, lacewings, damsel bugs, and tachinid flies are a few examples of insects who provide benefit in the garden by preying on parasitic insect pests. Opposite of the “good” bugs, garden insect pests such as leafminers, spider mites, mealybugs, and slugs and snails can wreak havoc in the garden in a matter of days in their relentless quest for nourishment which they typically get by sucking the juices out of plant leaves.

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    Help! My Lettuce is Bolting. What to Do?

    What to do about Bolting

    Newly minted (ha! Get it?) vegetable gardeners can be taken by surprise when their beautiful lettuce plants they've been enjoying since the beginning of the season start sending up flower stalks all of the sudden, and go to seed.

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    9 Cool Ideas for an Eco-Friendly Wedding Celebration

    9 Cool Ideas for an Eco-Friendly Wedding Celebration

    So you’ve made the decision to tie the knot—congratulations! As a major supplier of custom seed packets for weddings and bridal showers, we have the privilege of talking regularly with brides and grooms in the midst of planning their weddings, giving us a bird’s eye view into current trends shaping the industry. Even though we’ve been doing this for a while, we continue to be impressed by how wedding celebrations are evolving and becoming more and more personalized to reflect the wedding couple’s values. For example, these days, many couples are designing their wedding celebrations to reflect their passion for healthy living, sustainability, and the environment.

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